help your Fitness Business, health club, gym become the absolute best that it can be and in automating your fitness marketing efforts bringing in more new members.
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home | Health Club Marketing

Health Club Marketing

Driving consistent traffic to your gym is simple if you take the right steps, utilize the appropriate mediums, and are consistent in your delivery

You have a great club, but if no one is coming to visit, how will you ever be able to show people how great it is?  Marketing your club may feel like a daunting task and you often wonder how you can get more people into your club.  If you have consistent delivery of your marketing message and reach your market through a variety of methods, you will have people visiting your gym.  Marketing is not rocket science, but it is often misunderstood.

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive.  There are hundreds of low cost and no cost marketing strategies you can begin implementing immediately.  Nearly all of our strategies and marketing systems are designed for health clubs with a limited budget.

Learn how to market your business and immediately increase traffic

We will provide you all of the articles, campaign checklists, pre-designed templates, and tutorials to help you get more people into your gym and to increase your visibility in your community.  In this section, you will find the following:

  • Traditional Marketing:  Print marketing, postcards, newspaper, etc.  Learn how to maximize your results from these common marketing strategies
  • Low-cost/No-cost Marketing: Budgets are tight.  Learn dozens of strategies to get people in your door for little or no money
  • Internet Marketing: The power of the Internet is undeniable.  You can generate an automated stream of new prospects by implementing a few of these internet marketing strategies
  • Internal Marketing: Never forget to market to your existing members.  You will learn dozens of strategies to increase referrals and upsells from your existing members

Enjoy Immediate Access to the following

Become Famous in Your Local Restaurants
Become Famous in Your Local Restaurants Learn a fun, simple, and creative way to network with local restaurants and utilize them to help bring you new members and increase your awareness in the community . . . keep reading
Do You Have a Slippery Funnel?
Do You Have a Slippery Funnel? There are many different ways to market your health club. You can utilize traditional "paid" external marketing, internal marketing, guerrilla or grassroots style marketing, and of course . . . keep reading
5 Simple Tips to Build Stronger Relationships
5 Simple Tips to Build Stronger Relationships It's not about how many people you know, it's how well you know them that counts. Building loyalty among the members of your health club and your community are vital to your health clubs success. . . . keep reading
Face to Face Marketing
Face to Face Marketing Even with all the marketing opportunities available, nothing beats a good conversation. . . . keep reading
Conduct a Canned Food Drive to Attract Prospects
Conduct a Canned Food Drive to Attract Prospects Getting creative is what it's all about. Help lots of people while also helping yourself to a heaping slice of members with a canned food drive . . . keep reading
Implement a Business of the Month Program
Implement a Business of the Month Program Detailed here is one of the greatest free marketing strategies you can implement to increase memberships in your health club and begin networking with other businesses in your community . . . keep reading
Developing Your Health Club Marketing Plan
Developing Your Health Club Marketing Plan You know that you need a marketing plan, so now you need to know how to get started setting it up and filling it with a plan to bring top ROI on all of your marketing efforts this year . . . keep reading
How to Attract the Couch Potatoes
How to Attract the Couch Potatoes Only 15 percent of the U.S. is a current member of a health club. What about the other 85 percent? Learn how you can attract the deconditioned market with these strategies . . . keep reading
Key Elements of a Successful Postcard Design
Key Elements of a Successful Postcard Design Mimicking the designs currently seen on almost every health club direct mail piece, you will not get a high return on your investment. Stop wasting your money on ineffective postcards! . . . keep reading
Get Your Health Club Website Ranked #1 on Google
Get Your Health Club Website Ranked #1 on Google Learn how to utilize videos on YouTube, Viddler, and other video sharing websites to get your health club website consistently ranked number one on the Google Search Engine . . . keep reading
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