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Member Retention

Keeping your current members happy is far more important than spending time and money attracting new members

In the quest for new members, too many health club owners overlook the importance of keeping existing members involved and satisfied.  This group is your cash cow!  They have already proven that they are willing to spend money on your services.  Keep them involved, keep them spending money, and keep them happy.  It is seven times more expensive to attract a new member than it is to simply hang onto an existing member.  Plus, happy members refer new members to your club…at no cost to you!

Don’t be of the mindset that now that you have a person under contract, you don’t have to pay attention to them anymore.  Paying attention to your existing members is well worth the time and effort.

Turn your existing members into raving fans of your health club

You have access to incredibly valuable articles, in-house loyalty programs, pre-designed templates, and tutorials to help you maintain more of your existing members and decrease your dependency on new members.  In this section, you will find the following:

  • Unique Offerings:  Don’t be boring.  Be extraordinary and unique in your member offerings.  Your programming needs to be fresh and fun to keep your members excited about remaining a member
  • Loyalty Programs: Our retention and loyalty programs are all laid out for you to implement.  If you don’t keep your members involved in your club, they will soon move along to your competitors
  • Staying Connected: Your members need constant reminders of how much they mean to you.  They also are hungry for information to reach their goals.  Feed that hunger

Enjoy Immediate Access to the following

Odds of program participation: Men vs Women
Odds of program participation: Men vs Women Are your female members or your male members using the gym more. And more importantly, what areas of the gym are they using? . . . keep reading
Free Money from Forgiving Delinquent Members
Free Money from Forgiving Delinquent Members So it's the middle of the month, and you are looking at all your collection accounts, wondering how much money you are going to get collected out of all these members that are past due? . . . keep reading
How to Save a Membership
How to Save a Membership Health Clubs are seeing an alarming rate of cancellations among members these days. Will Crump presents some strategies to help health clubs save these memberships. . . . keep reading
Rewarding Your Members for Their Referrals
Rewarding Your Members for Their Referrals if 50% of your business is not coming from member referrals, you're not trying hard enough! . . . keep reading
Benefits of Blogging for Health Clubs
Benefits of Blogging for Health Clubs If you're not blogging, you are missing out on one of the best member loyalty tools available . . . keep reading
A Daily Gift for Your Members
A Daily Gift for Your Members It's often times the little things that make the greatest impact on your members. Learn a cost-free method of providing your members a free gift each day they come in to work out . . . keep reading
Loyalty is Developed in the First 30 Days of Membership
Loyalty is Developed in the First 30 Days of Membership Simply signing someone up on a membership is not enough. To maintain high retention rates over the long run, you must focus a lot of your attention on a member's first 30 days . . . keep reading
Simple Steps to Get Your Members More Involved
Simple Steps to Get Your Members More Involved Learn a number of methods to get your members more involved in your offerings and programming. The more they are involved, the longer they will remain happy members . . . keep reading
Not Sure What Your Members Want? Ask them!
Not Sure What Your Members Want?  Ask them! It's easy to implement changes and programming according to what you think your members want. Stop guessing your members' preferences and start asking them what they want . . . keep reading
Create a Testimonial Board
Create a Testimonial Board Honoring your members and their accomplishments will go a long way in keeping them loyal to your club. Learn step by step how to set up this valuable retention tool in your facility . . . keep reading
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