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home | Overcoming Competitors

Overcoming Competitors

Even if you don’t have competitors now, you will.  You must be prepared for any and all newcomers, big and small, in your market

You’ve provided your community a valuable resource for many years.  When someone in town decides they want to become healthier, they think of you.  But competition is inevitable, especially if you are successful.  At some point, you will be challenged and you will need to adjust accordingly.  How you prepare for, and how you react to your competition will determine your continued success.

Maybe you have a new competitor arriving, or have been competing with someone for quite some time.  You need to arm yourself with strategies that will allow you to not only survive, but to also thrive in your market.

You should be so good at what you do that you have no need to worry about competitors

We will provide you all of the articles, strategies, checklists, templates, and tutorials to help you effectively plan for and contend with competitors.  Overcome your competition by learning the following:

  • Plan for competitors:  Planning your strategy for inevitable competitors will be the difference between struggling and remaining successful.  You must be ready and armed with a plan of attack.
  • Competitive Analysis: To beat your competitors, you must first understand your competitors.  Find out what you do better or worse than them, and understand how you can use this information to your advantage.
  • Understanding Your Niche: If you and your competitor are competing head on for the same members, you will both lose.  Learn how to create your USP and develop your niche to prevail over your competition 
  • Down and Dirty: Sometimes you have no choice but to fight fire with fire.  But there are ethical ways to handle mudslinging from your competition.  Learn the best ways to overcome aggressive competitor

Enjoy Immediate Access to the following

Lowering prices: A good idea or bad idea?
Lowering prices:  A good idea or bad idea? As you sit and think about the direction and goals for your club this year, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is "Should I lower my rates?" . . . keep reading
Location, Location, Location
Location, Location, Location As long as your health club is in a good location, and of course you work hard to earn the loyalty of your existing members, you will never have a problem maintaining a high number of members at your . . . keep reading
What to Do When They Fight Dirty
What to Do When They Fight Dirty If you competitor is maliciously spreading rumors and mudslinging, try these "nice" strategies to turn their evil deeds against them, hurting their reputation while improving yours . . . keep reading
Why a new competitor can be a good thing for your bottom line
Why a new competitor can be a good thing for your bottom line When learning that a new fitness center is coming to your town, your initial reaction is to worry. But you shouldn't worry, because a new competitor can mean more business for you! . . . keep reading
How to Compete Against Similar Clubs
How to Compete Against Similar Clubs Now what? Keep fighting for the same members? Do you diversify and offer more services? Do you find a new niche? Learn best practices for dealing with like-competitors . . . keep reading
Competing With Giant Facilities
Competing With Giant Facilities You're a small club in a market dominated by a large multi-purpose facility. There are specific strategies you can use to overcome these giants and claim your fair share of members . . . keep reading
Competing With Low-Cost Competitors
Competing With Low-Cost Competitors There are some extremely low-price clubs penetrating the market right now, taking members by the hundreds from you. Learn strategies to overcome this new type of competitor . . . keep reading