help your Fitness Business, health club, gym become the absolute best that it can be and in automating your fitness marketing efforts bringing in more new members.
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Growing & Expanding Your Business

Once you find initial success running a club, you will eventually outgrow your walls.   You’ll have to determine what your best strategies for growth will be.

What a great position to be in.  Your business is thriving, but unfortunately you have too much business!  Now what?  Do you expand your walls and buy space next to you?  Do you add on to your building?  Do you open a second location?  Should that location be in your city or in another city?  Should you try to license or franchise your business?

All great questions and all of which are discussed in this section.  Save yourself some time and money by beginning your research here. 

Expect and plan for your business to succeed and it will

We will provide you dozens of resources and articles to help you successfully grow and expand your health club business.  You will find the following and more:

  • Preparing for Growth:  Find the answers to questions you have as you prepare to expand your business.  Make sure your foundation is solid to ensure successful growth.
  • Resources and Research: We will provide information and resources to help you understand your market fully and research all aspects of your growing business to make sure your growth is well-managed
  • Business Development: You will learn how strategies to help maximize revenues, cut expenses, and continually monitor the financial status of your club.

Enjoy Immediate Access to the following


6 Methods to Increase Cash Flow
6 Methods to Increase Cash Flow Money fixes everything. This may not be entirely true, but Chris Batchelor explains how cash flow certainly can't hurt . . . keep reading
Considerations for selling your fitness business
Considerations for selling your fitness business If you are in the health club business, then you are probably feeling the effects of the harsh economy. It may be that you want to sell . . . keep reading
Improving Your Financial Fitness
Improving Your Financial Fitness Chett Daniel presents a way for you to improve your finances, consolidate your debt, and sleep easier at night . . . keep reading
Developing Your Annual Recruiting Plan
Developing Your Annual Recruiting Plan Alan Cohen presents the steps necessary for developing an annual recruiting plan for your health club . . . keep reading
How to Sell Your Health Club for Top Dollar
How to Sell Your Health Club for Top Dollar Part of your overall plan for growth and expansion may be to build up a club's revenues and sell the club. Follow these tips for making sure you command top dollar for your business . . . keep reading
Steps to Keep a Membership Base Growing
Steps to Keep a Membership Base Growing Many health clubs reach a plateau, a certain number of members or revenue, and remain there for years. Learn how to continue generating new revenues and members at your club forever . . . keep reading
Buying a Struggling Club for Little or No Money
Buying a Struggling Club for Little or No Money Do you know of a club that is struggling and will soon go out of business? Follow this method to take ownership of that club, relatively risk free, with little or no money down . . . keep reading
Every Business is For Sale; Even Yours
Every Business is For Sale; Even Yours You love your club and couldn't imagine selling it…or could you. If someone came along and offered above and beyond what you would ask for, you need to have everything in place . . . keep reading
Transitioning From a Cash-Based Gym to an EFT-Based Gym
Transitioning From a Cash-Based Gym to an EFT-Based Gym Many gyms have been operating as a cash business, selling paid in full memberships for years. Times have changed and now you need to know how to transition to an EFT-based gym . . . keep reading