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home | Women Only Gyms

Women Only Gyms

Facilities catering to women require a different strategy than traditional co-ed clubs. You need the tools and resources to help you succeed in the hypercompetitive fitness industry

Running a niche business can either be extremely lucrative and successful, or it can become a nerve-racking experience trying to reach this specific market.  The advantage of operating club catering to women is that overhead is typically lower, eliminating the need for a large amount of members.  The disadvantage is that you have steep competition.  In any given city in America, there are likely as many women only facilities competing with each other as there are traditional facilities.

Marketing, selling, and retaining women at your facility requires unique strategies not traditionally employed at traditional fitness facilities.  Your offerings are different, your target market is different, and your strategies need to be different as well.

Owning a women only health club can be a hugely successful venture

We will provide you all of the articles, marketing resources, pre-designed templates, and tutorials to help you attract more women into your gym and provide effective programming that will keep them involved and happy.  In this section, you will find the following:

  • Operating a Niche Facility:  Yours is a unique business model with unique challenges.  Learn the best practices for being successful in a women-only fitness center.
  • Marketing to Women: Learn how best to reach the women in your community with our unique marketing strategies and resources
  • Programming for Women: Men can put up with anything and need very little maintenance at the gym.  Women on the other hand need stimulation and require an emotional connection.  Learn strategies to keep your members involved in your offerings
  • Competing with Traditional Clubs: You have a unique offering.  You need to learn how to communicate your uniqueness to your target market and to convince the women of your community that you are the place to go for all of their fitness needs!

Enjoy Immediate Access to the following

How to Reach Women with Direct Mail
How to Reach Women with Direct Mail Many small business owners wonder what it takes to get a woman's attention. Women only fitness centers always deal with this dilemma. While it used to be a very controversial idea, it is clear that there is definitely a niche market for women only fitness clubs.. . . . keep reading
Implementing Supplement Sales at Your Facility
Implementing Supplement Sales at Your Facility Learn strategies for implementing an effective and profitable supplement sales system at your facility that will help your women reach their goals faster and help your bottom line . . . keep reading
Is Hydraulic Equipment Effective for Members?
Is Hydraulic Equipment Effective for Members? Most women only fitness models call for a circuit of hydraulic equipment. Learn if it is really helping members reach their fitness goals or if it is ultimately a waste of their time . . . keep reading
Case Study: Good Website vs. Bad Website
Case Study: Good Website vs. Bad Website You might think a website with all the bells and whistles is going to bring women to your facility, but your site, regardless of design, needs to reach them on an emotional level . . . keep reading
Implementing a Boot Camp with Limited Space
Implementing a Boot Camp with Limited Space Mix things up at your small fitness facility by offering bootcamps. You don't need a lot of space of a lot of equipment, but it will help offer something new besides hydraulic workouts! . . . keep reading
How to Reach Women with Direct Mail
How to Reach Women with Direct Mail When targeting only half of your total market, you want to make sure you are reaching the right households with your direct mail efforts. Learn strategies to maximize your delivery . . . keep reading
Are Women-Only Clubs Guilty of Discrimination?
Are Women-Only Clubs Guilty of Discrimination? By offering your services to women only, are you guilty of discrimination? Learn what the law says about women only gyms and if they can legally offer services to women only . . . keep reading