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home | Personal Growth

Personal Growth

Not only is it important for you to improve your health club business, it is equally important for you to improve yourself and your ability to balance work and life

Personal growth is a process that brings about personal change.  Whatever type of person you are is a direct translation of the type of business you operate.  If you are organized, your business is organized.  If you are efficient, your club will run efficiently.  If you continually develop habits for success, then your club will continue to be a success.

Most businesses fail because a solid foundation hasn’t been built.  The best place to start building that foundation and improving the success of your business is to start with yourself.

Learn to get more done in less time so that you can enjoy life more

You will learn secrets to success that will allow you to be more successful and more efficient than ever before.  In this section, you will find the following:

  • Goal Setting:  Goals help you to create a roadmap to success.  They allow you to create a well-structured plan, increase your confidence to accomplish objectives, and set forth the necessary actions to reach your goals.
  • Motivational Tools: Everyone needs a little nudge from time to time.  Learn simple strategies to remain focused on your goals and how to continue fearlessly working toward them.
  • Time Management: Productivity and efficiency are key to successfully managing your time.  Learn how to manage your schedule and you will accomplish all the things you want in less time.
  • Positive Expectancy: Belief in your ability to do something, combined with a plan of action, will provide you the results you envision, every time, without exception.  Learn how to utilize positive thinking and behaviors to help you achieve business success

Enjoy Immediate Access to the following

How I Slayed the Blackberry Monster
How I Slayed the Blackberry Monster If you are addicted to email and blackberry, this article will give you a starting point to overcome the obsession and become more involved with the members and clients of your health club . . . keep reading
Book Overview 4 Hour Work Week
Book Overview 4 Hour Work Week The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss is quite an exciting book. It doesn't matter if you're a CEO who gets paid a few million dollars a year, or a housewife who is the mother of four youngins, or a "wage slave" who feels like he's losing the race to rats... . . . keep reading
Book overview: Blue Ocean Strategy
Book overview: Blue Ocean Strategy Blue Ocean Strategy is a timely and relevant read for health club owners as it discusses how to operate in a cut throat market place where competition is fierce, similar to the current health club industry . . . keep reading
The Angry Gym Owner: Handles a Delinquent Member
The Angry Gym Owner: Handles a Delinquent Member The Angry Health Club Owner has to deal with Pam and her ignorance regarding insufficient funds in her bank account and a bunch of other nonsense. But there is a happy ending... . . . keep reading
Book Overview: The E-Myth
Book Overview: The E-Myth The E-Myth is one of the best books available on setting up systems in your health club business. It is a must read for all health club owners and managers. Read our overview of E-Myth here . . . keep reading
Why You Absolutely Must Write Down Your Goals
Why You Absolutely Must Write Down Your Goals A goal without a plan is no longer a goal, it is simply a dream. Stop dreaming and start planning! Learn why writing down your goals will help you achieve them much faster . . . keep reading
One Man's Week in the Gym
One Man's Week in the Gym Read a really funny story about a man's first week in a health club. This is a great article that will have you laughing. Send it along to your health club members and clients to make them laugh too . . . keep reading
The Importance of Investing in Knowledge
The Importance of Investing in Knowledge Knowledge is power, but how knowledgeable are you? You need to continually invest in your business and fitness knowledge to make sure you are doing everything the right way . . . keep reading
Do you suffer from insanity?
Do you suffer from insanity? Everyone knows the popular definition of insanity, but not everyone is able to recognize if they themselves are guilty of doing the same things over and over, expecting different results . . . keep reading