help your Fitness Business, health club, gym become the absolute best that it can be and in automating your fitness marketing efforts bringing in more new members.
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Personal Training in a Health Club Downsell!!
Personal Training in a Health Club Downsell!! An interview with Pat Rigsby on a very powerful downsell to get your members involved in personal training. . . . keep reading
Become Famous in Your Local Restaurants
Become Famous in Your Local Restaurants Learn a fun, simple, and creative way to network with local restaurants and utilize them to help bring you new members and increase your awareness in the community . . . keep reading
The One Stop Wellness Shop
The One Stop Wellness Shop Shayne Kohn discusses why the two musts at private club are Convenience and Direction: If you want your private club or fitness trainer within a private setting to be successful, . . . keep reading
How Long Should Your Trial Membership Be?
How Long Should Your Trial Membership Be? There are a number of considerations to help you determine how long is the optimal time to allow your members to try your club for free before they make a decision?. . . . keep reading
Make one of your members a hero
Make one of your members a hero There is no better way to promote your health club than to show off your most successful members!Media loves success stories, especially ones that involve someone overcoming incredible odds . . . keep reading
Is your health club on the internet?
Is your health club on the internet? Setting up your website is one of the best investments you will ever make for your health club. And it's a lot easier than you think! Is getting a website built one of those items on your to do list that just . . . keep reading
Current Members vs. New Members
Current Members vs. New Members Focus on your existing members, not just new members. A sizeable percentage of your focus should be spent making sure your existing members are happy and well taken care of. It's easy to . . . keep reading
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Thank you for all the updates and information. I've been waiting for a couple weeks for the launch to the site and I have to say so far I'm BLOWN AWAY! The ideas I have after reading some of the articles are very exciting. I can't wait to share them with my partners and staff. I can already tell Gymsuccess is going to help make the difference for my club in 2009. The time and effort you have put into the site really shines. I cant wait to dig in....
Zach Johnson, Fit24

Finally a resource where good hard working gym owners like myself can go to for help. We can reach out to others and depend on the great folks at GymSuccess to be on our side. Way to go!! Excellent day for my place!!
James Sparks, Go Fitness

My husband and I just bought a struggling club in our town two weeks ago. I've been a little stressed...okay extremely stressed because other than teaching some aerobics classes 20 years ago, I don't know a lot about the fitness business. We just didn't want to see our favorite club close! It feels really good to know I'm not alone now.
Lynn Stinnett, Fit For Life

I scanned the front page of the site and knew right then that this website was going to change everything. When we opened this gym last year, we had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. I am an accountant and my business partner is an ex-professional athlete. So I know numbers and he knows fitness, but nobody knows anything in between! This site is going to help so much.

Derrick White, Power Town Fitness

I don't think you realize how badly this type of resource was needed in our industry. Or perhaps you did and that's why you created it :) I hope everyone gets involved because I think it will be great to share ideas with everyone. This site is quite honestly an answer to my prayers.

Sarah Stark, Sleek Physiques

Dude. This rocks.

Josh Miles